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Imperial shihtzu-

                                         Most of our  Imperial shihTzu  puppies mature between 4-7Lbs .

                           We strive to produce top of the line breeding quality puppies. (in smaller sizes ) 
                Not all puppies will pass our strict code  for  breeding, but they still make  wonderful pets,
                        for someone just looking for a little companion to spoil and share their life with

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 Chinese  Imperial  Dog
 Alabama ShihTzu puppies
Imperial  ShihTzu    &   Chinese Imperial Dog
Chinese  Imperial Shih Tzu
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 Donnas Darling ShihTzu, Your Shih-Tzu / Imperial ShihTzu breeder of Alabama
                                                                   our ShihTzu puppies   live in  many states including....
                         Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio,  Illinois,
                                                       Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Washington,Arkansas, Michigan  and California
Welcome to our wonderful world of Imperial ShihTzu
          We  as breeders  of the the smaller sized Shih Tzu which are often called the Chinese Imperial,  
      Imperial Shih Tzu, Toy ShihTzu, Miniature ShihTzu, Teacup Shih Tzu or   shihtzu Pocket Puppies. 

  We strive for the Healthy, beautiful smooshie faces,   nice cobby bodies with a nice  thick bone structure, with big round eyes

                                       AKC Tiny Imperial ShihTzu puppies , often  referred to as Imperial Shih Tzu, 
                                         Teacup Shih tzus., Chinese Imperial dogs , Tiny ShihTzu or Toy Shih Tzu . 
                                                                   Our sizes range in the  4--7 lb ranges.

 Tiny ShihTzu puppies of Alabama
We do NOT ship our puppies..