I, the breeder reserve the right to  1st pick of the litter
Our program is built from honesty and integrity, and we value YOU, as the puppy buyer.
     205-554-1782 (home)    or   205-534-6691 (cell)
Alabama  Imperial ShihTzu puppies & Chinese Imperial  puppies  for sale. 

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All  ShihTzu puppies are  available, unless specified  "sold " or  "on hold"
This page was last updated: August 27, 2014

Donna's   Darling   ShihTzu
                                           Puppies can be viewed at my home, by appointment only.
                You must call me to make an appointment. I will not arrange appointments  to my home, through  email

Imperial ShihTzu puppiesShih Tzu puppies  , Chinese Imperial  puppies
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Your ShihTzu and Imperial shihtzu breeder of alabama,  where health and quality matter the most

- AKC registration can be provided at additional cost
  checks are NOT accepted on day of picking up puppy
Most puppies are usually ready to go at 9-12 weeks old
I  do not have a crystal ball,   therefore I cannot tell you  an exact weight  a puppy's    adult size will be.
I do my estimates from  from past litters,  parents ,  grandparents and each puppys growth rate.
Just because the parents are 1 size does NOT    mean the puppy will be that size too. 
some may be smaller,and some may get bigger
No guarantees  are made on estimated  or  charted sizes.
  "unknown numbers" or  "number blocked" do NOT get answered
        Deposits are accepted by, cash ,Western union ,Walmart money grams, U.S postal money order  and  checks.
                                   small deposits and  payments can be accepted thru PayPal  with my approval,
Holding Deposits  and waiting list  are  non refundable, but can be rolled over to a different puppy.
No puppy will be held, without a  security holding deposit deposit.
  balance owed on pick up date , is  to be paid in cash
                 If  you are wanting to take possession of your shihTzu puppy at 6 weeks old,
                      you are at the wrong place,I suggest you call the local newspaper adds for that.
                                     Our puppies  never leave our home before they reach 9 weeks old.
                                                The Tinies  must stay longer... usually 10 -14 weeks...
Attention ....
   As of 7/31 I will not let any puppies leave my home before 12 weeks old,
   if they are under 2 Lbs.
You will need to have a supply of wet ( canned food) on hand  to suppliment,
incase puppy decides it dont want to eat the  kibble.  Puppy must eat... or it will die .
Keep play time to a minimum  for atleast a week, so  puppy can adjust to  new home.
DO NOT  let  puppy have free run of house...  its too small, and will burn up  too many calories...  must supervise play time... and let them have plenty rest
We require all puppies  that are to be shipped to be  paid in full, plus the shipping cost at 8 weeks  old. Shipping costs range from $325.00 - $400.00
picking up in person.... must schedule an appointment    24 hours in advance
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Pet prices means  no registration.... unless I  state otherwise
Pet only  means No Registration, unless specified otherwise
205-554-1782      or     205-534-6691
Donnas darling Poodles

born July 6th 2014
Congrats Ann
  pet  only
est. 6-8 Lbs
Congrats Donita 

Tiny ShihTzu babies born !  8-7-2014

This is a 3X Repeat breeding.... previous litters have  been in the 4-6 Lb range
born July 6th 2014
born July 6th 2014
Im on hold
pic taken   @ 5 weeks old
pic taken   @ 5 weeks old
pic taken   @ 5 weeks old
pic taken   @ 5 weeks old
pic taken   @ 6 weeks old
pic taken   @ 6 weeks old
pic taken   @ 6 weeks old
pic taken   @ 6 weeks old
waiting list has until  September 4th to decide....
  after that, she will be made available
  Congrats Mary

Holding for Ginger B
she is available as PET only...  must pick up in person
He will be ready as discussed.....
will be ready to go September 13
She will be joining her family after Sept. 20
will be ready to go September 13
guesstimated ready to go date... around October 23rd
guesstimated ready to go date... around October 23rd